I have developed a passion for providing high quality occupational therapy with an expertise in sensory integration's influence on participation.  

Throughout my career I have had the honor to receive advanced training and extensive mentorship in sensory integration and teach related courses both nationally and internationally.  I was an instructor in the former USC/WPS Advanced Training in Sensory Integration program and currently teach with the CL-ASI Advanced Training Program.  I recently served as the American Occupational Therapy Association's Chairperson for the Sensory Integration Special Interest Section where my committee worked tirelessly to ensure Sensory Integration's distinct value to occupational therapy was clear through various publications and discussions.  I am an adjunct instructor at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.  As a past director of program development at Pediatric Therapy Network, I have developed evidence based and sound therapy practices.  I have applied my experiences in my own clinical practice at playSense in Redondo Beach, CA where we have developed successful practices for delivering the highest quality programming in occupational therapy highlighting the importance of the experiences in everyday life of both the child and family.

My Mission

To support therapists and therapy practices in delivering the highest quality, informed and thoughtful clinical practices ensuring each child and family receive thorough care that enhances daily life.